How to change the color of the macOS Terminal

A matter of design

Changing the color of the macOS (formerly OS X) is something some people decide to do either for cosmetic reasons or to simply not use a stock terminal color scheme. Changing the terminal colors and fonts can easily be done on macOS, and for that, we must head over to the Terminal Settings.

Before we go ahead and modify system settings, you should know that Terminal’s fonts and color schemes can be modified without affecting the system, there is nothing you can change on the sections we’re going to fiddle with, that can break your device – worst thing that can happen, you get a color scheme that you won’t like, which you can change 🙂

Changing the macOS Terminal color, the easy way:

Setting the colors and the font

With that said, it’s time to start modifying our Terminal’s background color and font. To do that, we need to open a Terminal window. The Terminal application can be found on the Launchpad, in the “Other” folder. Now that we have an open Terminal window, on your top left side, click on the word “Terminal” and then on “Preferences”.  A new window should now pop open called “Window Groups”, on this window, you need to head over to “Profiles”.

Now that you are on the “Profiles”, you have access to the color schemes and to the fonts, you can change different parameters like the background image, background color, font, font size, text anti-aliasing, bold text, blinking, ANSI colors, cursor, and even the title of the Terminal. To change the font of the macOS Terminal, you need to press the “Change” button and select one from the fonts list that pops open.

To change the background color and the opacity (e.g. to make the Terminal window transparent), you need to press on the colored square right next to the “Color & Effects” and select a color and a transparency ratio from the Color tool that appears. On the same Color Tool, you can adjust the blur of the Terminal window.

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